― Over the past few weeks, I have been working on the screenplay for The Plantation. I don't know if anyone in Hollywood will be interested, but I think it would make an awesome movie.

― I just found out that someone published a paperback version of Before the Storm without my consent. I'm doing everything I can to get this pirated product off of Amazon, eBay, and other sites, but it's an uphill battle. Please do NOT buy a printed copy of Before the Storm. It is available as an e-book only.

― I added a new photo collection to my website. To view the pictures, click here.

The Hunters hits #1 on Amazon in several genres (thrillers, suspense, crime, action/adventure, military, etc.) This is the second time The Hunters has reached #1. The previous time was in January 2015.

Before the Storm was released worldwide today. So far reviews have been excellent!!!

Before the Storm is now available for pre-order. You can buy a copy here.

― Hartini Poli Editions (an imprint of Thomas Nakas Publications) just acquired the GREEK rights to Sign of the Cross and Sword of God. They are a new and dynamic publishing house with an excellent distribution network via their parent company’s chain of bookstores. I'm thrilled to join their family!

― Tonight I appeared on the Authors on the Air Radio Show. It was hosted by Jenny Milchman and also featured Matthew Betley. The show lasted an hour and can be heard here.

― I just created an Instagram account. Click here to view my awesome photos.

― The movie option for The Hunters has been extended again. This means the movie is moving closer to production. Once I get an exact date, I'll post it here.

(8/11/16) ―
Blanvalet, one of the main fiction imprints of Random House Germany, has acquired the GERMAN rights to the first two books of the Hunters series. Due to the translation process, it will be a year or two before the books are actually released in Germany, which will give me plenty of time to learn German.

(7/17/16) ―
The Tampa Bay Times did a story on local authors. I was one of the writers mentioned, along with Michael Connelly and several others. Click here to read the story.

(7/12/16) ― Malta celebrates my Thriller Award. Click
here to read the story.

(7/09/16) ―
The Prisoner's Gold wins the 2016 ITW Thriller Award for E-Book of the Year.

(6/27/16) ― Since part of
The Prisoner's Gold is set in Malta, The Malta Independent has a short article on my Thriller Award nomination. Click here to read the story.

(6/01/16) ― It's June, which means it's time to fly to some exotic location to research my next book. To keep track of my travels, please visit my
Facebook fan page.

(4/29/16) ―
The Prisoner's Gold hits #1 on Amazon's bestselling thrillers list. That means every book in the Hunters series has hit #1 at some point in the past sixteen months.

(4/04/16) ― The ITW released its nominees for the Thriller Awards, and
The Prisoner's Gold is a finalist for E-Book of the Year. For crime fiction authors, this is the equivalent of the Oscars, so I'm honored and excited. Winners will be announced at ThrillerFest in NYC on July 9.

(3/28/16) ― I'm feeling generous today, so I'm giving away a signed copy of
The Prisoner's Gold on Goodreads. For more details, click here.

(3/26/16) ― This is amazing to me. During the past week, I am #14 in the world in the most new followers on
Goodreads. Obviously I should've signed up sooner.

(3/21/16) ― I recently signed up with Goodreads. Please check out my
author page for news, giveaways, and some tasteful nudity.

(3/10/16) ― The UK paperback of
The Prisoner's Gold is now available.

(2/26/16) ― I spent the afternoon with my literary hero, Clive Cussler. For details of one of the best days of my life, please visit my photos page.

(1/09/16) ― Someone spent a lot of time on my
Wikipedia page. Thanks, it looks great!

(1/08/16) ― The UK paperback of
The Prisoner's Gold will be released on March 10.

(12/22/15) ― My summer trip to Malta was featured in the December edition of
Suspense Magazine. Scroll to page 85 for a long Q & A with me, Graham Brown, and Boyd Morrison ― dubbed "the Malta Trio" ― and several photos of our remarkable trip.

(10/29/15) ― I flew to Japan to meet with director
John Moore, producer Peter Veverka, and brand manager Chris Smith. We spent several days in Tokyo and Yokohama while conducting meetings with the Nissan Corporation about marketing opportunities for The Hunters movie.

(10/08/15) ―
The Prisoner's Gold was officially released in the US & UK.

(9/10/15) ―
The Forbidden Tomb hits #1 on Amazon's bestselling thrillers list. And the action list. And the crime list. And a few others lists as well. That means the first two books in the Hunters series have hit #1 in the same year. (The Hunters hit #1 in January.)

(8/15/15) ― I was a featured author at the Mystery Writers Key West Fest. I'm not positive, but I think I was the only sober person on the entire island―and that includes children. I swear, I saw a four-year-old drinking a Corona and a baby drinking a daiquiri.

(7/06/15) ― A new version of
The Plantation was released in the US & UK.

(7/02/15) ― The original film option for
The Hunters has been extended for an additional twelve months. (Translation: the movie is moving closer and closer to production.)

(6/30/15) ― My trip to Malta made news in the UK. Click
here for an article in The Guardian.

(4/11/15) ― I have started the process to reacquire the US rights to
The Plantation. The rights will revert back to me on July 6, and I plan to release my own version of the book in the US and UK shortly thereafter. More details to follow in the coming weeks….

(3/01/15) ― The American version of
The Forbidden Tomb was officially released today.

(1/31/15) ―
The Prisoner's Gold will be released in the UK & the US on October 8, 2015.

(1/23/15) ―
The Hunters hits #1 on Amazon's bestselling thrillers list. And the suspense list. And a few others lists as well. Lucky for me, I'll always be able to remember the date that I hit number one on Amazon for the first time. It's as easy as 1/23.

(12/19/14) ―
Takeshobo (one of the largest publishers in Asia) has acquired the JAPANESE rights to The Hunters and The Forbidden Tomb. I have never been published in Japan, so I am very excited about this deal.

(12/15/14) ― During the past week, the audio versions (U.S.) of five of my books were released by
Audible. The titles are: The Secret Crown, The Death Relic, The Einstein Pursuit, The Hunters, and The Forbidden Tomb. Now all of my books are available in audio… finally!!!

(12/13/14) ―
The Einstein Pursuit reached #2 on Amazon's bestselling thrillers list. It also reached #2 on the suspense list. These are my highest rankings on Amazon yet.

(12/11/14) ― The U.S. audiobooks for The Hunters and
The Forbidden Tomb are now available. Click the book title to be taken directly to the Audible site.

(12/05/14) ― My UK publisher officially accepted my manuscript for The Hunters 3 (aka
The Prisoner’s Gold). That means I’m officially on vacation until 2015.

(10/11/14) ―
The Hunters is finally available in the States. You're welcome, America!

(10/25/14) ―
The Hunters is now available for pre-order on Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo.

(10/11/14) ― Good news, America! The Kindle version of
The Hunters is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It will be released one month from today.

(10/09/14) ― The UK paperback of
The Forbidden Tomb was released today.

(09/30/14) ― The History Channel (UK) has selected
The Forbidden Tomb as its book of the month for October. If that wasn’t a big enough honor, this is the first time the History Channel has ever allowed their logo to appear on a book cover.

(09/16/14) ―
The Einstein Pursuit was released today as an Amazon Exclusive. It is available in ebook or trade paperback. (Click either link to visit Amazon.)

(08/05/14) ―
The Prisoner’s Gold is the new title for the third book of the Hunters series.

(07/28/14) ― The casting process for
The Hunters movie has officially started. I’m not allowed to reveal any names, but I’d be thrilled with any of the actors that we’ve approached thus far.

(07/01/14) ―
Reg Poerscout-Edgerton (Sherlock Holmes, Casino Royale, Angels & Demons) has signed on as casting director of The Hunters. For more details, go to the movie page.

(06/25/14) ―
The Einstein Pursuit will be released in NORTH AMERICA on September 16.

(06/2/14) ― I just agreed to a six-book
AMERICAN AUDIO deal with Audible/Brilliance. It includes the previous three books (The Secret Crown, The Death Relic, and The Einstein Pursuit) in the Payne & Jones series and the first three books (The Hunters, The Forbidden Tomb, and book #3) of the Hunters series. Release dates are not yet known.

(05/17/14) ―
John Moore (A Good Day to Die Hard, Behind Enemy Lines) has signed on to direct The Hunters. The screenplay was written by Robert Mark Kamen, who created the Taken series, The Transporter series, and The Karate Kid series. For more details, go here.

(05/12/14) ―
The Death Relic was named the 2013 Mystery/Suspense Novel of the Year by Affaire de Coeur Magazine. Thanks to everyone who voted for it!!!

(04/24/14) ― The UK hardcover and ebook of
The Forbidden Tomb is now available.

(04/16/14) ― Film rights to
The Hunters have been optioned by Piers Tempest and Jo Bamford’s new UK-based production venture. For more details about the film, please visit my movie page.

(04/03/14) ―
The Einstein Pursuit will be released in NORTH AMERICA on June 1, 2014. The Hunters will be released one month later on July 1, 2014.

(04/02/14) ―
Cherche Midi will release the FRENCH version of Sign of the Cross on April 10. To learn more about it, please visit the publisher’s book page.

(01/03/14) ― The UK paperback of
The Einstein Pursuit is now available.